Continental Sprinter Gatorskin Tubular 28" X 22mm (700 X 22)

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  • Size: 28 x 22mm (700x22c)
  • Tread: Slick
  • Compound: BlackChili
  • Puncture Protection: GatorSkin
  • PSI: 115-170
  • Weight: 280 grams

The Continental Sprinter GatorSkin Tubular tire is built for long distance races. With a higher tire volume, the Sprinter GatorSkin rolls along the road better and gives you a safer ride, even when road conditions aren’t ideal


Black Chili

Continental's Black Chili Compound is what makes all the performance and quality possible. With the use of advanced nano-metric carbon sciences Continental has figured out how to increase grip, decrease rolling resistance and/or improve life without one of the other qualities suffering. 10k-20k miles on rubber that grips this hard requires some seriously advanced compounds.



To help keep this tire rolling along, Continental has equipped it with it’s DuraSkin and SafetySystem technologies, which when combined make up GatorSkin. Continental’s SafetySystem which is a strong nylon fabric reinforced with Kevlar (that’s the stuff body armor is made out of) and offers a superior level of protection is added to DuraSkin sidewall protection  DuraSkin is for tires that will be experiencing the harshest conditions such as messenger bikes, the tires skid along curbs; on touring bikes, they cross continents without wearing out; in racing, they endure tough tests such as the Paris-Roubaix.

More Information
Brand Continental
Model Line Gatorskin
Manufacturer Part Number C1104322
UPC 4019238334722
Product Weight 300 grams
Color Black
Product Condition New in Box
Warranty Duration 1 year
Intended Use Road
Wheel Diameter 700c
Tire Width 22mm
Tire Type Tubular
Bead Type Folding
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