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Our ultimate goal is to save you time and money through a clean, easy to use website with the most affordable prices on the planet. As the trends in the bike industry change and grow, so do we. Settled in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, we are constantly researching and testing our products firsthand in order to provide our customers a level of satisfaction that exceeds their expectations. We strive to provide the high quality, low cost products that you're looking for, shipped fast and securely to your door.


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For some of the products we sell, Planet Cyclery is not affiliated with or an authorized dealer of the manufacturer or its U.S. distributor. This allows us to offer these products to you at a discounted rate. Specifically, we sell some products that we’ve obtained from sources other than the manufacturer or its U.S. licensed distributor. These products are commonly referred to as “gray market” goods. “Gray market” goods are not illegal, demos or factory seconds. Nor are the “gray market” goods we sell inferior to the products sold through the manufacturer’s authorized U.S. distributor. However, by utilizing the “gray market,” we are often able to obtain these products at a lower price and pass the savings along to you.

Since some manufacturers and distributors will not honor the original manufacturer’s warranty for “gray market” goods, Planet Cyclery provides a warranty that matches the provisions and limitations of the manufacturer’s warranty for those items. You will simply need to return the item to Planet Cyclery – rather than the manufacturer – for warranty consideration for such items. More information about our warranty procedures is available here: Returns.

If you are not sure whether a product you want to buy from us is a “gray market” product, please contact us at sales@planetcyclery.com.