Bike Tires

Your bike ride is smoother and high-performance only when the bike tires are carefully chosen. Choosing the right bike tires is all about matching the tire with the bike type and the type of riding.

There is a tremendous variation in bike tires, from skinny road bike wheels to big monster truck-style fat bike tires; the selection is wide. But how do you know when to upgrade or change the bike tires? Manufacturers make it easier for bikers to find it out. Bike tires have replacement indicators such as grooves or holes slowly fading away. Even if there is no indicator mark on your bike tires, you can inspect for any sign of excessive wear, such as depression in the rim. Timely replacement of bike tires is essential to avoid damaging the rim.

Depending on your bike model, you can select from road bike tires, cyclocross tires, and mountain bike tires. Road bike tires are called the kings of asphalt and spandex because they are slick and fast. As they are skinnier, they roll faster with a slight texture. The cyclocross tires are fit for gravel bikes, too, as these have low-profile tread patterns in the center to lower the resistance when rolling. But they have more aggressive knobs on the outside to offer more traction and around through turns. Mountain bike tires are most varied and often feature bold tread patterns, wider bases, and large wheel sizes.

Planet Cyclery brings you the best bike tires from the top brands such as 45NRTH, Challenge, Continental, Donnelly, ENVE Composites, Goodyear, Kenda, Maxxis, Michelin, Panaracer, Schwalbe, Vittoria, Vee Rubber, Pirelli, and WTB. Shop for the most suitable bike tires online with complete trust. Our bike enthusiast staff is there to assist at every purchase decision step.

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