Bike Forks and Suspension

A bike fork and suspension are essential for any bike. These components absorb the shock during the ride and protect the rider from sudden jerks. It’s critical to understand the difference when buying bike forks and suspension.

Mountain bike suspension forks are optimized to be smooth enough to soak the force of small bumps and big hits alike. Such forks have stiff chassis allowing the rider to remain in control even during the wildest rides on rough mountainous terrain. Old mountain bike suspension forks were heavier, but now many top brands have managed to create light suspension forks for mountain bikes that are light. 

Road bike forks are designed to balance weight with stiffness to be best for city rides. They are designed to be smoother with less suspension, as they are not expected to experience serious bumps. Cross-country bike forks are made as light as possible to support long rides. Trail forks have stiffer chassis, yet they are optimized for weight. Downhill and Enduro bike suspension forks have the most rigid chassis, and as there is not much concern about optimized weight, they are heavier. But these forks have the most tunable settings.

Along with understanding the type of suspension fork, the confusion can also be about what fork brand and model to choose for your bike. Lucky for you, Planet Cyclery has top brands. RockShox, Fox Factory, BOS Suspension, Marzocchi, Cane Creek, MRP, Quarq, Ohlins, DVO, Ritchey, and Manitou are some of the best brands for bicycle forks and suspension. These brands provide models that vary according to the ride and riding style.

Suppose you are ready to buy from Planet Cyclery. In that case, we recommend looking for short travel forks for cross-country riding, mid-travel forks for city or trail riding, long travel suspension forks for enduro and freeriding, and dual crown forks for downhill bikes.

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