Bike Brakes, Drivetrain, and Shifters

Brakes, drivetrain, and shifters are three critical components for any bike. At Planet Cyclery, we make sure you always find top-quality replacement parts for your bike.

For a drivetrain, it is essential to consider your bicycle type. A road bike will have a simpler drivetrain than a mountain bike drivetrain with many moving parts. Trail and downhill bikes can have even more parts. Usually, you must focus on these components of a drivetrain – bottom bracket, rear derailleur, gear range, chains, and chain retention systems. The entire drivetrain might have an issue with any of these faulty components.

We have drivetrains from top brands like OneUp, Chris King, Abus, 45NRTH, Aheadset, Brooks, RaceFace, Absolute Black, Wheels Manufacturing, SRAM, Shimano, Wolftooth, RockShox, MRP, TruVativ, Ceramic Speed.

Next comes the brakes. Safety is a must for any rider; irrespective of your style, choosing the right brakes for your bike is mandatory. From disc to rim brakes, there are several options to choose from. On Planet Cyclery, you will find Shimano and SRAM offer the broadest range of brakes for every kind of bike, and some other top brands like TRP, Jagwire, Tektro, Hope, Kool Stop, and Magura.

Finally, there are shifters that you need to shift between gears. The range of road shifters, as well as mountain bike shifters, is vast. This is why we handpicked high-quality shifters from the top brands that can take a lot of abuse. Your bike shift must be appropriate, whether on the road or the trails. Don’t compromise on the quality of the shifters, and choose from the top brands like SRAM, Shimano, MKS, MKW, Microshift, and Campagnolo.

Are you ready to upgrade your bike’s performance? Choose from the best bike parts on Planet Cyclery handpicked by expert staff.

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    AM BB DUB BB30 Ceramic (Road Wide) 73mm

    Special Price $110.57 was $249.00


    AM BB DUB PressFit 30 Ceramic (Road Wide) 68mm

    Special Price $110.57 was $249.00


    Level Ultimate Stealth 2 Piston Front Disc Brake

    Special Price $171.00 was $285.00


    Level Bronze Stealth 4 Piston Front Disc Brake

    Special Price $99.00 was $165.00


    Level Bronze Stealth 2 Piston Front Disc Brake

    Special Price $64.80 was $108.00


    Eagle Transmission Powertrain Plug for Battery

    Special Price $6.00 was $10.00


    Cassette Lockring for 12 Tooth First Cog, Steel

    Special Price $4.77 was $9.95


    DUB Bottom Bracket (MTN)

    As low as $20.97 was $41.00

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