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Assos Trail Cargo Knickers T3 short, an ultralight and breathable shoes made in robust fabrics that guarantee abrasion resistance. With Zeropressure Waist structure for a safe estate and new protective treatments against rain and mud. The 3⁄4 tights increases the protection at the level of the knees, also thanks to the cut that allows you to wear protective padding. The news are the same as the shorts: light structures and materials supported by Zeropressure Waist technology. Readied by our street equipment, this technology has a highly elastic fabric and non -slip silicone details that keep the tights in position without friction or constraints. The new Water & Mud Shield Tec treatment, created specifically for the tactical line, protects from splashes and mud of the paths; It also dries quickly, avoiding the water to impregnate the garment by increasing its weight. The zip pocket and the three compartments allow you to store the objects safe, while the glued edges reduce the weight and friction between the layers. With the reflective strips positioned on the back of the legs, the visibility incoming or exit from the path is guaranteed. Wear it above the Trail Liners for greater protection.



  • Type.of11 is a compact orthogonal tissue that resists abrasion without compromising breathability. Its bielasticity guarantees freedom of movement and prevents shoes that the shoes falls or deforms in length. The Tech Sheen Mesh network is applied on the front of life as part of the Zeropressure Waist structure.
  • Starting from the models with a wider fit, Assos created the trail cut: more aerodynamic and with reduced ingrustment, follows the movements of the body without restrictions and allows you to wear the protections for the knees.
  • Water & Mud Shield Tec: designed for pedaling on dirt paths, this new performer water -repellent technology protects from water and mud, prevents the formation of spots and removes sweat from the skin.
  • Zeropressure Waist: a soft and highly elastic structure that improves comfort and maintains the tight shirt adhering to life, without pressure or irritation.
  • Pockets secure: a zip -thermonstrate pocket and a three compartments pocket allow you to safely store essential accessories and larger objects, such as the mobile phone.
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