LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Cromo Pedals 12Nm

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For the Jenny Craig weight watchers out there, this pedal is super light

-Item packaged new in box.

-Includes LOOK Keo Bi-Material Cleat, grey (4.5-degree float)

-Includes all mounting hardware

The KEO Blade 12Nm Carbon is one of the lightest pedals on the market with each pedal weighing less than 115 grams. The KEO Blade 12Nm Carbon also features one of the largest pedaling surfaces for optimal power transmission. Like other Look pedals, the KEO Blade 12Nm Carbon is built with reliability in mind with the titanium spindle, as it rotates virtually free of drag on three smooth as balls cartridge bearings and the longer threads afford a solid width adjustment for those in need.


The LOOK KEO Blade 12Nm Carbon pedal features the revolutionary compressed carbon blade in place of the traditional steel spring, allowing for secure cleat engagement and quicker, easier cleat disengagement. The result, you're either very much 'in' or very much 'out' and there's no in-between, with the KEO 2 MAX there's a short period where the rear gate is flexed open and you're still partially engaged. LOOK offers the KEO Blade pedals with either a 12Nm or a 16Nm spring but there is NOT an adjustment beyond that, but the rider can switch between the two on their own or with help at their local bike shop.


For a more efficiency and stability the Blade has a cleat support platform that is 31% larger and 17% wider than a KEO carbon. A stainless steel platform has been molded into the body which improves power transmission and decrease of wear on the pedal platform. The cleat retention component is double injected. Each having purpose for one another. One material provides excellent mechanical strength and the other material interacts specifically with the cleat. As for the axle technology, the oversized KEO Blade axle maintains a minimum overall stack height. It is composed of 2 miniature roller bearings (12 mm interior x 18 mm exterior) and a needle bearing.

"Look" Here

Inventor of the clipless pedal, of the first carbon frame in 1986 and of the first track single-piece carbon frame, LOOK is the worldwide leader of the road clipless pedal. Its policy in the field of research and development earned it the INPI Trophy of the most innovative small and medium sized firms of France in 2009. LOOK has also won 4 times the Bike of the Year award in France; it was several times awarded the Star of Design as well as the IF Design award in Germany in 2010. LOOK has an incomparable experience and know-how in carbon designing and manufacturing.

More Information
Brand Look
Model Line Keo
Manufacturer Part Number 154170
UPC 3700321661764
Product Weight 230 grams
Product Condition New in Box
Warranty Duration 2 Years
Pedal Type Clipless
Pedal Body Material Carbon Fiber
Pedal Spindle Material Chromoly
Cleat Interface Look KEO
Float Degree 4.5°
Cleat Bolt Pattern 3 Bolt
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