Bike Pedals and Cockpit

Whether your style is riding road, mountain, trail, downhill, or enduro, your bike needs good pedals and a cockpit. Don’t be lenient with selecting these parts because they don’t seem as important as brakes or suspension forks. For maneuverability, you need a quality cockpit that keeps the handle perfectly aligned and helps you navigate through trails. Pedals support and transfer motion from the legs to the drivetrain.

Planet Cyclery offers bike pedals and cockpits for every type of bike from some of the top brands in the industry. Shop from brands like Abus, 45NRTH, Aheadset, Brooks, Cannondale, Cinelli, Deda, Delta, DMR, Easton, ENVE Composites, ESI, Exustar, Fox Factory, and many more.

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    LEV/272 Clamp Cradle

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