Campagnolo Record 8 Speed Cassette 13-23

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Campy is Fancy

The Campagnolo Record 8 Speed Cassette is built to give you top performance every ride. Featuring Campagnolo's Ultra-Shift Teeth Design and Ultra-Shift Synchronization, the Campagnolo Record 8 Speed Cassette gives you the best shifting performance instantly and helps to give you increased power transmission to the wheel. The Record 8 Speed Cassette is extremely rigid because of its reinforced mounts and the nickel-chrome surface treatment reduces chain/sprocket friction to help extend the life of your cassette. This cassette features a 13-23 ratio and includes a lockring and the technical manual.

What is a Cassette you say?

Cassettes are a series of sprockets that attach to the rear hub of a bicycle. Every cassette contain multiple sprockets that can be customized with different gears. A cassette is designed so that a biker can easily switch between different gear ratios or replace worn sprockets, simply by switching out cassettes. Older cassette also included a freewheel, a mechanism that allows you to coast. Modern cassettes only contain the sprockets, which wear out more quickly than the freewheel assembly, but is lighter and faster than the freewheel.

History of Campy

Campagnolo is not just a company, a logo or a trademark. Campagnolo today can be described as a brand. An organization that has always transmitted and shared a set of values. Campagnolo has become all this in over 80 years, in part thanks to itself, the Campagnolo family, the individuals who every day dedicate all their efforts to a shared goal, but above all, the merit goes to keen cycling fans. People rather than clients, cyclists rather than consumers. With these people in particular, Campagnolo shares the culture of cycling and sport, effort and sacrifice, victory and emotion. Positive, genuine values that at times are identified with the Campagnolo brand, as if it were a thread running through the company, people, experiences, stories and visions. This is the Campagnolo heritage, this is our legacy. Our history, our past, where we come from - these are all elements that identify us today and that very probably will mark our choices and the paths we must follow in the future. A culture of the Campagnolo brand that is also physically shared and evident. An attachment, a credo that very few businesses in the world can boast and something Campagnolo is proud of. An identity therefore that comes from the past and has remained unchanged, which turns innovation, performance and passion into its cornerstones. An identity shared on a global level, from South America to Japan, from Canada to Australia. An identity recognized not just in the world of road racing, but also widespread throughout the fixed gear world, of the movement linked to more urban, alternative cycling, niche and not only. An identity also recognized for the design of Campagnolo products, at times a source of inspiration for new ideas and applications.

More Information
Brand Campagnolo
Model Line Record
Manufacturer Part Number CS99-RE0833
UPC 8032484330702
Product Weight 282 grams
Color Silver
Product Condition New in Box
Warranty Duration 3 Years
Freehub Style Campagnolo 8/9/10
Cassette Range 13-23
Drivetrain Speed 8 Speed
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