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Safety on the road is essential, even when riding your bike. Planet Cyclery handpicks the best bike helmets sold by the top brands that meet the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Bike helmets are designed to protect riders against any severe head injury. Some specific helmets, like the ones designed for mountain bikes, have extended frames to protect the jaw. When selecting a bike helmet, you must always pick one depending on your riding style. 

If you ride on city roads with a paved surface, you can choose road bike helmets designed to be lightweight and offer better ventilation. Mountain bike helmets have added safety with a strengthened design to protect the side and back of the head. Some bike helmets have chin bars to protect riders during aggressive riding styles such as downhill and BMX. Bike helmets can have visors too.

The selection of a bike helmet should be a calculated decision. A bike helmet is as secured as its fitting. You must check that the front edge is no more than 1 inch above your eyebrow. Straps must fit tightly, and the helmet must now slide front or back during the ride. For girls, it's crucial to test the helmet with the same hairstyle they ride because a ponytail can alter the fit.

Planet Cyclery has the best quality-assured bike helmets from top brands like 100%, Abus, iXS, Fox Racing, Oakley, O'Neal, Kask, Lazer, POC, The Shadow Conspiracy, and Troy Lee Designs. The products we have here are picked by professional riders who understand the requirements of riders. As every bike helmet manufacturer has different size specifications, we recommend you review their size chart before buying the bike helmet. Shop for the best bike helmets at unmatched prices now.

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