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Mavic Crossmax XL Pro Pedals Black

SKU: PDL1203-128

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You have the best when you ride the best

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The MAVIC CROSSMAX XL pedal system is the lightest and fastest system thanks to the top class materials used. In Addition the construction makes then easy to clip in and an excellent choice for cross-country/trail riding in all-weather conditions. Mavic created a "Feel Adjustment" of the lateral and angular float feeling. Easy movement or more friction, the pedal will fit every rider's preference. 3 positions, easy to adjust. Mavic pedals offer an angular float of 10 degrees ( 5 degrees in each direction), but also go further by being the only pedal company also offering a self lateral adjustment of the foot on the pedal (Q-factor). Users can adjust the feel of float, from free to locked in. This systems reduces injury to the hip, knee and ankle and ease of cleat positioning.


With patented A.T.A.C. (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept) off-road pedals, foot retention is independent from spring tension. The wide release angle of 15 or 20 degrees prevents accidental release from the pedal as well as allowing the low spring tension of the ATAC design. The low spring tension of the ATAC design causes less friction in muddy or extreme conditions than with other pedals. Minimal effort provides consistent entry and release from the ATAC pedals. With the narrow release angle of other off-road pedal designs, accidental release is prevented by high spring tension. This high spring tension, combined with dirt or mud, creates excessive friction. For fast engagement, ATAC pedals have a double-sided mechanism and a body profile designed to facilitate entry from every position. The cleat engagement window on an ATAC pedal is 35% wider than on an SPD© pedal. This larger target allows you to concentrate on riding, with no need to focus on aligning your foot with the pedal.

About Mavic and the History

Two brothers, Léon and Laurent Vielle, created a 'nickel-plating' business in 1889. A little later Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel ventured into the 'manufacture and the sale of spare parts for bicycles'. While the Vielle brothers founded Etablissements Métallurgiques du Rhône (EMR) with the brand name AVA, the latter created MAVIC, Manufacture d’Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel (Idoux & Chanel’s Manufactory of Articlesfor Velocipedes). The common factor between these two businesses was their President, Henry Gormand. Mavic, the French manufacturer of complete cycling wheel-sets, rims, components and cycle computers. Established in 1889, with over one hundred years of experience, Mavic continues to stride forward into the future. Around 300 staff at the four principal European sites help the famous yellow Mavic brand to progress - with a real passion for the sport of cycling. Mavic is all about a love of cycling which leads to the designing and manufacturing of great cycling products that offer a real difference when you ride them. The Mavic cycling brand has gained a truly global reputation of quality.

Additional Information

Warranty Duration 2 Years
Manufacturer Part Number 35270001
Actual Weight 385 grams
Product Condition New in Box
Color N/A
Pedal Type Clipless
Pedal Model Crossmax
Cleat Interface Mavic Atac
Pedal Tension Non-Adjustable
Q-Factor Adjustable with spacers
Spindle Threads 9/16 in
Pedal Spindle Material Cromoly
Pedal Body Material Carbon Fiber
Bearing Material Steel

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